Everyone in Soma is encouraged to be part of DNA group. By the leadership of the Holy Spirit we help one another to: Discover Jesus in the Scriptures, Nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and take Action to obey what Jesus calls us to. These groups (three people of the same gender) meet weekly to share what they are learning and how they are growing as believers in Jesus. This is a time to care for one another and bring deep account- ability into each other’s lives. 


We believe a missional community (MC) is a family of servant missionary’s seeking to make disciples who make disciples. An MC is not primarily a bible study, weekly meeting, meal time, or a social activist group. Though elements of each are often experienced in an MC (i.e. we will go to Scripture at times for teaching, reproof, correction, and training as when necessary for equipping in good works- 2 Tim. 3:16-17.). An MC is not only any one of those things. MC’s are where we together worship and submit to Jesus in all of life (7 days out of each week) by learning to love one another as family, serve the “least of these” in our midst, and be a witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. 




We gather weekly on Sunday afternoons to meet with God and celebrate all that Jesus is for us. We, as a church family, use this time sing, listen, interact, share and give. Here we emphasize the upward posture of our worship to our Father, the Son (as King) and the Holy Spirit (the one who leads and guides our life). We are sent out, empowered by the Spirit to share and show the gospel with our city. 


We are a people that share our time and resources. This means we help to serve our
body in all the areas mentioned above. We are both free and gifted to do this. Free, because Jesus as King served us with his life, so that we can now serve others with His love and power. Gifted, because God, through Jesus, has made us and given us each unique personality and gifting so that we can bring glory to him by serving others in our community. This means we are generous with our money and our possessions in order that the world can be blessed. We are free to do this because God has shared his greatest riches with us by giving us his Son Jesus